History of earrings and their vogue!


As we have seen in history of our human culture and tradition, ear piercing has been a part since the earliest tribes. Ear piercing refers to the single hole in the earlobe. But there are at least eight location the ear to be pierced. From the upper part of the lobe, all piercing of the ear is referred to as cartilage piercing.

Piercing of cartilage is more painful than a piercing in the lobe. Since those times, earrings, loops and studs are used to decorate the ear. The earrings are made from a wide variety of materials and metals. These include especially wood, plastic, stone, metal, animal teeth, and glass also. Most of them are fairly cheap and can be bought from any small shop.

Other expensive metals that are used in earrings are gold, platinum and silver and diamonds or other precious stones. The city of Petropolis, Persia, where we can see in wall pictures that depict soldiers wearing earrings, found that earrings have been tracked back to this ancient city.

Popularity of earrings also depends upon the current fashion. In 1850’s earrings lost their popularity because of unique hairstyles and beautiful handcrafted dresses. But in 1920’s earrings became popular with their unique style. That time sailors saw earrings as a symbol of their seafaring adventures.

From that time of period, earrings become more popular day by day and now a days, they are most lovable fashion accessory that are highly loved by all age people. Wholesale Earrings are coming in variety of designs and beautiful metals. Just look at fashionlanes.com site here you can access all kind of earrings such as latest fashion earrings, silver plated earrings, wholesale gold plated earrings and traditional earrings or other fashion accessories.


Wholesale Fashion Jewelry by FashionLanes.com

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Fashion Jewelry has become an essential fashion accessory in today’s fashion world. Near about fifty years ago, the trend of fashion jewelry widely spread in the public and every jewelry maker producing them on dazzling styles of fashion jewelry & gold plated jewelry with its increasing popularity in everyday wear.

FashionLanes.com has also provided different category of jewelry to their different taste of customers. They have provided their jewelry section in wide categories such as:

Wholesale Fashion Jewelry is categorized in fashion rings, beautiful fashion anklets, necklace sets, fashion earring, bracelets and bangles, beautiful jewelry hair accessories, brooches and novelty items. All types of costume jewelry made of inexpensive materials such as metals, beads, and stone and beautiful gems etc.


Another section of Fashion Lane’s jewelry is categorized in Wholesale Gold Plated Jewelry. In which section they can provided gold plated chains, gold plated religious pendants, gold plated bangles, gold plated bracelets, gold plated earrings and gold plated pendent sets. Gold Plated jewelry is made of a very thin layer of gold electroplated or electrochemically applied to the piece of jewelry. It comes with various karat such as 14k, 18k and 22k, etc.


Wholesale Handbags

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Our products

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in our handbags section you will find evening bags, hobo bags, designer handbags, canvas bags, messenger bags, cosmetic bags, $10 handbags, animal print handbags, picture handbags, western handbags, embellished handbags, cross body bags, flower handbags, leather handbags, camouflage bags, chevron handbags, gun concealment bags, sequin bags, double bags, ragged patch bags, coin purses, skull bags, polka dot bags, Houndstooth Bags and much more types.

Evening Bags:

Also called party purses. Evening bags are the best accessory to make women look enhance. These bags are usually use for night parties or events. These bags are comes in various styles, designs or shapes.

VS-190-Belted-Skull-Knuckle-Clutch-Purse-Beige_fl8                           VS-784-Skull-Snake-Mouth-Clutch-Purse-Apricot_fl4                 VS-750-1-Skull-Knuckle-Metallic-Clutch-Purse-Green_fl1

Designer Handbags:

Best accessory of ladies to daily use. These handbags are comes in various beautiful and stylish designs. These handbags are perfectly fit for every one outfit. Hobo bags, picture handbags, canvas bags, western handbags and much more types of handbags are comes this category.

2069 Medium Shoulder Purse Coral                  2017 Metal Charmed Shoulder Bag White                      1989 Metal Frame Fashion Purse Turquoise

Leather handbags:

if you are looking for new bag then leather handbags are your first choice. The first Leather handbag was found in 3,300 B.C. This type of handbag look really beautiful and stylish. These type of handbags are very costly in the market.

32307 Lock Charmed Wide Purse Mint                2042 Fashion Shoulder Purse Black                   1151 Stones And Charms Shoulder Purse Coral

Transparent Handbags:

These bags are made from transparent material. Everyone see what you carry in this bag.

203 Transparent Shoulder Purse Black                   203 Transparent Shoulder Purse Blue                        203 Transparent Shoulder Purse Coral

Double Bags:

These types of bags contains various pocket. These bags are made from leather feel material.80268A--SR               SR-7006-Fashion-Spring-Tote-Blue_fl9                        SR-7008-Three-Tone-Tote-Green_fl7

Cross Body Bags:

These bags have a very large strip. These bags mostly used by working women.

BAI-338-PP-(1)                    BAI-339--PK                  W-139-1-PK

Gun Western Handbags:

Usually these types of handbags gave a large picture on their front. These bags look really stylish and beautiful.
FML23-8469G-FUCHSIA_0                 fml27-8469g-orange1                     PAZ-470-ORANGE1

Stones and studs Shoulder Bags:

These bags has a stones and studs on their front and back. Usually these bags are made with leather material.

1143-Stones-And-Studs-Shoulder-Purse-Blue_fl2                 1385-Large-Studs-Shoulder-Bag-Brown_fl4                         SS-74-BK-13-X-7-X-9_fl2

Skull Handbags:

In these types of handbags, there are a picture of skull in the front. They look little scary.

GZP-093-Crowned-Skull-Clutch-Purse-Gold_fl5                      GZP-128-Clear-Stones-Skull-Knuckle-Purse-Red_fl5                         VS-750-1-Skull-Knuckle-Metallic-Clutch-Purse-Green_fl1

Meta Frame Fashion Handbags:

in these type of handbags, these are a metal frame on the top.

1989-Metal-Frame-Fashion-Purse-Beige_fl2             2003-Fashion-Metal-Ends-Purse-Blue_fl2                 2063-Metal-Bars-Large-Purse-Coral_fl9

Patched Handbags:

they made with leather-vinyl feel material. They have a back zipper pocket. They are small in size and internal part made from fabric material.

MA-8012-Patched-Fashion-Shoulder-Bag-Beige_fl6                    MA-8014-Patched-Two-Tone-Large-Purse-Mustard_fl1                    YF-1059-Patched-Shoulder-Purse-Purple--(1)_fl2

Handbags with Scarves:

This type of handbags comes with beautiful matching scarves. They are dual carry handbags.

KT-534-BG_fl8                KT-534-MT_fl2                  KT-534-PK-(1)_fl2

Flower Handbags:

This type of handbags have a very beautiful flower print in their front and back.

168060-BL             168060-BW                   168060-CF

Traveler Bags:

We also have large collection of traveler backpacks. These bags are made with durable denim material.

KA 8000 Canvas Fashion Back Pack Khakhi                     KA 8001 Canvas Double Pocket Back Pack Black                        KA 8004 Canvas Triple Pocket Back Pack Grey


Wallets usually use for carrying money, credit cards or small accessories with them. Wallets are the smaller in size. Usually wallets are used for carrying small things. Wallets are two types: Men wallets and Women Wallets. You can also carry wallets in your handbags.

1405054-Two-Tone-Large-Clutch-Purse-Red_fl3                   GCW4-4326-FUCHSIA1_fl4                   GZP-166-Swarovski-Clutch-Purse-Pink_fl6


Our Hot Selling Products: These are the some of our hot selling products in the month of February.

1151-Stones-And-Charms-Shoulder-Purse-Coral_fl2                                                                                          1152-Bottom-Stones-And-Studs-Shoulder-Purse-White_fl2

Bottom Stones And Studs Shoulder Purse White                  Stones And Charms Shoulder Purse Coral

Style No.              1152                                                                                     Style No.         1151

Wholesale Price: $10                                                                                      Wholesale Price: $10

Leather-Feel Vinyl Material                                                                         Leather-Feel Vinyl Material

7′ in Drop Length                                                                                         7′ in Drop Length

Dual Carry Handle                                                                                      Dual Carry Handle

Closing Zipper                                                                                             Closing Zipper

Fabric Material Interior                                                                            Fabric Material Interior

Stud Design on Front                                                                                Stud Design on Front

Silver Toned Hardware                                                                            Silver Toned Hardware

Color: White                                                                                                   Color: coral

Approximate Size: 12L x 11.5H x 2.5W                                    Approximate Size: 12L x 11.5H x 2.5W

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